Promissory Note Solutions

Turn your promissory note into cash.

         * A note as a result of a real estate transaction

         * A note secured by most any collateral

         * Money due from a structured settlement

         * Accounts receivable

         * Inheritances & Probate

         * Many types of transactions can be turned into cash




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    We can turn your note into cash click on the link below, drop us an email or give us call.  We will ask a few questions and then get back to you with an amount that you can expect for the sale of your note.  We have simplified this process for you. Often we can get you your money in as little as two weeks.

          Do you have cash and want to get more than 2% interest on his funds. Get 15% or more on a secured investment.  Buying a note will allow you to obtain substantially more income.  If you are interested give us a call, email or click on the the link below. 

            If you have clients who wish to cash out of a note just give us a call so that we may assist you or client on the link below.   Sometime you may have a client who wishes to obtain some more than 2% on their money we can put a program together for your client to obtain a secured promissory note. 

            If you have any questions just give us a call at 877-446-8292, or fax us at 877-382-9899.

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